Leoric, Skeleton King

For the skill itself you can see on the Leoric Skill Reviews

Skill List

Level 1- Storm Bolt
Level 2- Stats
Level 3- Bolt
Level 4- Stats
Level 5- Bolt
Level 6- Reincarnation
Level 7- Bolt
Level 8- Critical Strike
Level 9- Critical Strike
Level 10- Critical Strike
Level 11- Critical Strike
Level 12- Vamp Aura
Level 13- Vamp Aura
Level 14- Vamp Aura
Level 15- Vamp Aura
Level 16- Reincarnation
Level 17- Reincarnation
Level 18 - Stats
Level 19 - Stats
Level 20-25 - Stats

Skill Explanation

This build is taken pretty obviously. Early Storm Bolt and stats for ganks with your team and better lane control/survivability. Reincarnation at 6, but not taken until 15/16 because the mana cost is too high earlier and isn't really needed as much. If you're finding you're really needing the lower cooldown, you can take it earlier then 15/16. Crit taken before Vamp.

Tank Item Build
• Two circlets, tangoes OR RoR, Circlet if going Hood
• Boots, Bottle
• Two Gauntlets, two bracer recipes
• Hyperstone
• BoT
• Assault Cuirass
• Optional: Hood
• Heart OR Radiance
Items Bought Throughout the Game:
• Observer Wards (For watching runes)
Damage Build:
• Two circlets, tangoes OR RoR, Circlet if going Hood
• Boots, Bottle
• Two Gauntlets, Treads
• Two bracer recipes
• Sacred Relic
• Radiance
• Heart OR MKB
Item Explanations

Bottle is for rune-whoring, this hero is exceptionally strong when comboed with a haste, invisibility, or DD rune, and the Bottle itself will give you practically permanent staying status in your lane, and some good mana regen between ganks and storm bolts. Hyperstone is taken to make use of Vamp Aura and Critical Strike, BoT next for movespeed and farming, Assault Cuirass to use the Hyperstone, help yourself and your team. Heart taken if you wanna be a huge tank, MKB for more damage oriented. Hood taken if lots of intell heroes on the enemy team, and if you wanna be more tank centered. Obs. Wards taken to watch runes.

General Concept

This build is to make sure that you're your most useful early on with some bracers for health, mana, and a bit more attack power, and Bottle so you can rune-whore and have regen in between bolts and have more lane-power. Bottle will make your ganking more effective, and because your Vamp Aura and Storm Bolt synergize with almost every melee hero in the game, you're a good ganker.


Stygian Desolater instead of MKB is okay if you want more -armor against the enemy team.

Satanic is okay, the new one is pretty nice, it's just not my favorite item.

Radiance is a strong item on this hero, get it if no one else on your team is, get it in place of Cuirass, but still get the Hyperstone.

Items Not To Get

Dagon, Basher, Refresher are all bad items for this hero. Basher seems okay, but it's so expensive and your problems can be solved with just a little teamwork and getting one of your teammates to help disable, rather then just get a basher. Dagon is just not effective with this hero, he doesn't have the mana or the need for it. Refresher is dumb, he doesn't have the mana for it, and why refresh Reincarnation? It has a somewhat low cooldown for how powerful it is, just don't be stupid.

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