Skill & Item Build

Skill Build A

1. Time Walk
2. Time Lock
3. Backtrack/Time Walk
4. Time Lock
5. Time Lock
6. Chrono
7. Time Lock
8. Time Walk/Backtrack
9. Backtrack
10. Backtrack
11. Chrono
12. Backtrack
13. Time Walk
14. Time Walk

Skill Build B

1. Time Walk
2. Backtrack
3. Time Lock/Time Walk
4. Backtrack
5. Backtrack
6. Chrono
7. Backtrack
8. Time Walk/Time Lock
9. Time Lock
10. Time Lock
11. Chrono
12. Time Lock
13. Time Walk
14. Time Walk

We get one level of time walk, since better players will normally nuke the hell out of faceless. With this we can get to safety if that happens. You can get another lvl of TW on lvl 4 or 3, if you think it's necessary. Level 1 range is half of a blink, while lvl 2 is almost the same. Blink has a maximum range of 1000. Having time walk doesn't mean you shouldn't be cautious!

Skill build A:

This is the standard offensive build. With a fast mom and boots we can own in 1v1 situations thanks to time lock. We get one level of backtrack just in case. It's better than stats. We can switch it to have a level 2 TW if level 1 isn't strong enough to survive!

Skill build B:

Backtrack is the first optional skill which is maxed after TW (Backtrack won't work against: sunder and nightmare and cannot be disabled). This skill helps a lot with early game. Bash is needed in case your teamates gank the lane you are currently farming. Also 10% bash helps a lot with neutral creeping thanks to the 60 damage and 2 sec (1 sec on heroes 0,5 sec on roshan) stun it gives. One level of stat isn't needed!

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