Skill Build for Slardar - The Slithereen Guard:

This Is the items build and Skill build to make your Unstoppable Sladar


Level 1 - Slithereen crush

Level 2 - Sprint

Level 3 - Slithereen crush

Level 4 - Sprint/Bash

Level 5 - Slithereen crush

Level 6 - Amplify Damage

Level 7 - Slithereen crush

Level 8 - Sprint

Level 9 - Bash/Sprint

Level 10 - Sprint

Level 11 - Amplify Damage

Level 12 - Bash

Level 13 - Bash

Level 14 - Bash

Level 15 - Stats

Level 16 - Amplify Damage

Level 17 - Stats

Level 18 - Stats

Level 19 - Stats

Level 20 - Stats

Level 21 - Stats

Level 22 - Stats

Level 23 - Stats

Level 24 - Stats

Level 25 - Stats

This is a straight up balanced build that puts both sprint and bash of use early game, no question that Slithereen crush must be maxed before the others, amplify is gotten at all levels.

Note : You can choose to not get bash points and use all sprint for a frequent early game ganker. You can also choose not to get any sprint points if you wanna lanestay until you farm a couple of items

Items Build :
Type 1 :The Unstoppable

- A tank's beloved early game item, regardless of the late game items you will get, a bracer is a must.

- You're a melee hero, and bound to get some harassment early game, use one at 50% to avoid getting killed.

Now your starting gold (5v5 game) is all spent. get to yer lane!

- U'll notice how annoying it is to be real slow, probably gonna miss a kill or 2. Get boots of speed on ur 1st trip back to the fountain.
(You can get this before instead of bracer)

-S&Y gives great buffs' it gives IAS, damage and the MS you need to be max ms when sprinting.

-Complete Strength treads.

- Suppose you are chasing Razor... he's not that weak so the chase goes longer, Suddenly venge pops out, BKB bitchez! without it u are either forced to run away or die. Not mentioned in the tank build because you will be able to shake off any damage with all that str.

-Even more IAS! and the armor decrease combined with amplify is -20 armor.

- Luxury to boost your hp.

End items :

At this point you should be unstoppable, chasing with no fear of disables or anything, maim ensures getting the kill. There will be no escaping you.

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