An Item build for Medusa and Skill build .
A fantastic Build from author.

Skill Build One:
Level 1: Stats
Level 2: Mana Shield
Level 3: Mana Shield
Level 4: Stats
Level 5: Mana Shield
Level 6: Purge
Level 7: Mana Shield
Level 8: Stats
Level 9: Split Shot
Level 10: Split Shot
Level 11: Split Shot
Level 12: Split Shot
Levels 13 - 25: Max out stats, then purge, then finish with chain lightning.

Comments: This is, in my opinion, the best Medusa skill build there is. The stats will add a lot to Medusa's health and mana pool. Combined with mana shield Medusa becomes a real pain to kill. This build is best used when you are soloing a lane.Skill Build Two:
Level 1: Chain lightning
Level 2: Mana Shield
Level 3: Chain lightning
Level 4: Mana Shield
Level 5: Chain lightning
Level 6Purge
Level 7 Chain lightening
Level 8 Mana Shield

Level 9 Mana Shield
Levels 10 - 25: Max Split Shot, then stats, then purge

Comments: This build is for early game harassment and ganks. You might choose this build over the first if you are laning with a hero that stuns/slows and you want to pick up some early game kills.3.

UtilitiesStarting items may vary quite a bit.If you are soloing a lane you might want to consider a combination out of a chicken, RoR, circlets, branches, and tango. If you are in a lane with a teamate you might want to consider a combination out of a bottle, RoB, RoR, circlets, claritys, tango, and branches.

However, im sure you all are more worried about what "major" item we will be working towards. The main thing Medusa needs is lots of cost-effective, non-orb damage. Lets take a look at how cost effective some non-receipt items are (taking into account damage ONLY), and how much damage they give with split shot toggled on.

Eagle Horn: 138 gold per dmg, dmg with splitshot: 56 (17 each arrow)
Blade of Alacrity: gold per 100 dmg, dmg with splitshot: 22 (7 each arrow)
Wraith band: 76 gold per dmg, dmg with splitshot: 13 (4 each arrow)
Demon Edge: 72 gold per dmg, dmg with splitshot: 81 (25 each arrow)
Hammer: 67 gold per dmg, dmg with splitshot: 58 (16 each arrow)
Claymore: 66 gold per dmg, dmg with splitshot: 47 (14 each arrow)
Broadsword: 66 gold per dmg, dmg with splitshot: 40 (12 each arrow)
Sacred Relic: 63 gold per dmg, dmg with splitshot: 135 (42 each arrow)

As you see from the list, sacred relic is not only the most cost effective, it also gives the highest amount of damage when you turn on split shot. Yes it will be hard farming up sacred relic at the beginning of the game if you choose to head for it first, and will take cautious playing but once you get it - it's all down hill from there.

If the task of saving up for sacred relic at the start of the game is too much for you, get a smaller item as a stepping stone, then get sacred relic or a different item of your choice. Medusa is all about adapting.Two items also need an honorable mention.

These two items are Butterfly and Mjollnir. I would not advise getting butterfly as a first item. This is because butterfly needs decent damage to be useful. If you are getting it as your first item, you will have pathetic damage and the extra attack speed will be put to waste.

Mjollnir is situational. Overall I still recommend radiance first over mjollnir because it is cheaper and the immolation is great for dealing damange/farming without needing you to attack to get the benefit. This means it is great during purge-chases. On top of that, getting mjollnir means you are getting maelstrom first and maelstrom is definitely inferior in farming capabilities when compared to a sacred relic (although its easier to farm).

This means by getting a sacred relic and using it to farm up radiance, then in turn using radiance to farm up other items will be a MUCH quicker process than using maelstrom to do the same thing. Plus mjollnir is best with good attack speed, which you will not have early game.However if you are sharing a lane with someone, or you are in a solo lane and you don't think you are farming so well then feel free to go for mjollnir first.Some good items for Medusa are as follows:

Sacred Relic-Adds 60 damage(Turns into)

Radiance-Adds 60 damage-35 Damage immolation-8% EvasionRadiance

As you can see from the chart relic is the most cost effective, as well as giving the most damage, however relic only upgrades into two things - rapier and radiance. I think radiance is much more practical than rapier and will help you in your farming immensly as well as dealing dmg in team battles.

Skadi-Plus 25 to all stats-Plus 150 mana-Plus 200 life-Frost attack

Skadi is MADE for Medusa. Think about it. Her strength and intell progression is the exact same, and both stats are good for her overall hp. Also, what Medusa needs is a way to keep the enemy in one place, damage, and attackspeed. Skadi provides a slow, 25 percent attackspeed, and 25 damage. This is everything Medusa needs rolled into one.

Butterfly-Adds 30 agility-Adds 30 damage-Increases attack rate by 30 percent-30% Evasion

Again Medusa needs attackspeed and damage. Butterfly is the next cost efficient thing on our list. Its also a plus that it gives amazing attackspeed and good evasion (As if you weren't hard enough to kill already).

Maelstrom-Adds 25 damage-Adds 6 agility-25% chance to release 150 damage chain lightning
MaelstromSimple, it's great as an early game stepping stone to mjollnir. Also, with the 150 dmg lightning it is a mini-crit and it splashes helping you kill everything you got low with splitshot. Very nice item.
Although it only shoots one arrow when you get the lightning effect, it is still splash damage so we will make an exception. It can always be sold very late game in favor of other items if it is not upgraded.

Mjollnir-Adds 35 agility-Adds 35 damage-20% chance to release a 200 damage chain lightning-20% chance to release a 200 damage static charge against an enemy carring the static charge buff
This item is quite a big upgrade from maelstrom. It gives a whopping 70 damage, and 35% attack speed increase. Not only that, but both the activate abilities are very nice for damaging groups of creeps/heroes and thats what Medusa is all about. This item in combination with high attackspeed can work wonders in hero slaying.

Black King Bar-Adds 10 strength-Adds 18 damage-Gives "avitar" (10 second magic immunity)

Simple, when there are alot of nukers / stuners you will need to get this, no matter if it has been nerfed to hell or not. When you turn this on, turn split shot on, run in and attack, trust me - 10 seconds will be plenty to get all their heroes in the low orange or red late game.

Hood of Defiance-Gives 30% spell reduction-Gives 8 health per second regeneration
Hood of Defiance
Well, since there is no more aegis we are going to need an option to reduce spell damage. Hood of Defiance does a great job of this. You are going to want to get this item when you are getting hit with a lot of high-damage, non-stunning spells. 30% is nothing to be scoffed at and you will find that your survivability will be increased immensly.

Linken's Sphere-Adds 15 to all stats-Gives 6 health per second regeneration-Gives 150% mana regeneration-Gives "spell negation" (Will block a single target spell once every few minutes)
This is a great item for Medusa when there are stunners, but not enough to get BKB. It gives health AND mana regeneration - both of which are crucial for Medusa. +15 to all stats which adds a good chunck to Medusa's overall hp (including mana shield) and it blocks a target spell once every few minutes. Good item.

Item Build:Starting items - previously stated
Sacred Relic (3800)
Boots (500)Radiance (1525)ORBoots of Elvenskin (450)
Mithril Hammer (1610)
Boots (500)
Maelstrom (1250)
Eaglehorn (3400)
Boots of Travel (2200)
(Get your BKB here if there is alot of disables/nukes/stuns)
Now you have a decision to make. If you went radiance first, take a look at your enemy heroes. If there is a lot of fast attacking agility heroes, then go straight to butterfly for the evasion or skadi for the health boost.

If there is a mixture of int and str heroes then get mjollnir.
Eagle Horn (3400)
Quarter Staff (1150)
Butterfly (1400)OR/THEN
Ultimate Orb (2300)
Ultimate Orb (2300)
Point Booster (1200)
Eye of Skadi

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